Need to get a new monitor. Is this one good? If not any suggestions?

My monitor seems to have died sometime between last night and this morning. It was an LG monitor that was about 2 years old. It appears to have cropped up with a known problem with the LG monitors that has to do with the power cord connection. While LG will replace the monitor, I can't find the receipt and so I decided I'd buy a new one.

I don't know a whole lot about monitors. The most graphic use my home computer gets is playing WoW (and it will be used to play SWTOR when it's released), which from what I understand isn't graphically intense compared to many games. I play with a progression guild and run my video options at the highest settings though and so really want to maximize color differentiations in the environment while minimize any graphical clutter that can be caused by a monitor such as refresh rate and response time. Unfortunately my budget is limited and I can't afford to buy the best thing on the market. While looking at newegg I came across this monitor:

To me, knowing very little about monitors it looks good. My concern would be that a lot of people who left comments seem to indicate they have spots on the screen or bad pixels. Neither my LG monitor at home (which while outdated now was rather nice when I bought it), my monitor at work (which is an inexpensive viewsonic brand), or any that I can think of having owned have ever had any problems that I've seen with spots or bad pixels, and so I'm not really clear on what the people are describing in the comments.

I suppose I was wondering if that is a good monitor or if I should keep away from it given the comments. If it's not suitable for what I need I was hoping someone may be able to point me in the direction of something that is nice but inexpensive.

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  1. That monitor got 5 egg reviews, not sure why you are worried about it. Every monitor brand will have some that come out with bad pixels, it's not an issue with this model only.
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