Computer has no power/internet. Help Me!

My dads computer is broke :cry: And it has no access to anything no power. Alls it can do is turn on. Please help me!!!! :(
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  1. So the computer does turn on?
  2. Both in the title and first sentence you say the computer has no power but then you say it turns on in the last sentence. Which is it?

    If it turns on, what happens after that?
  3. braxx001 said:
    My dads computer is broke :cry: And it has no access to anything no power. Alls it can do is turn on. Please help me!!!! :(
    Alls it can do is turn on.
  4. just help me fix it
  5. What happens when it turns on? Anything on the screen? Any beeps? Any flashing lights?
  6. Fixing it requires identifying what broke.
  7. Lol! Usually when you have no power you have no Internet. Be more specific please.
  8. the computer will turn on but it wont connect to anything it wont restore it wont do anything. the task bar is white when he tries to go to a site it says: This webpage is not avalible. :cry: the sound wont work NOTHING WILL WORK please help me!!!!!
  9. So what were you doing on your dads computer when it broke?
  10. it says he has power but it wont connect to anything
  11. he just told me it wouldnt work wouldnt do anything and he is trying to fix it right now. Oh and my dad says hi to all of u :D
  12. Specificity is the key to getting an answer.
  13. Ok guys here is the story of what happened: I was just minding my own business playing Minecraft and all of a sudden he told me his Computer wouldnt work, Wouldnt do anything but turn on. Then I made this thread about it.
  14. Have you tried running a virus scan? Can you get that far?
  15. nope. IT cant do anything but turn on thats all it can do is turn on.
    he cant restore the system no nothing. please get more info cause he is about to give up on it and just leave the computer forever :(
  16. but he can fix it but if he does it will remove EVERYTHING he has on it
  17. wait... :D he CAN run a virus scan :D :D :D :D :D :D D:
  18. Start it in Safe Mode. When it starts up, press F8 a few times and you should get some Startup Options. See if you can get into safe mode.
  19. well he can run it in safe mode. he shut down and then open his computer back up and he is able to run in safe mode thats it.
    and what i mean by turn on i mean he can just open his computer in safe mode
  20. If your wondering what I was playing. I was playing Minecraft, If you want to play later... Go to:
  21. So when in safe mode, have you tried a system restore? Also, can you give more specifics on the computer itself?
  22. Were you playing minecraft on your dad's computer? BTW, I know what MC is. I have a public MC server running at my house.
  23. we have tried a system restore but it wont work and if it did work my game would be gone to everything on my game would be gone. even my youtube account. cause we downloaded that stuff on my dads computer and were talking about my dads computer.
  24. and no i wasnt playing minecraft on my dads computer i was playing it on my moms computer but my mom is gone now so i get her computer. she died :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(
  25. And you have a public minecraft server? could i join and get OP cause ive always wanted OP on a server. OK now tell me IP and then we are getting back to the topic about my dads computer :pt1cable:
  26. Get the computer started. Open a command prompt and type in sfc /scannow and then hit enter. See if that clears up anything.
  27. And no, I will not be posting my IP here...
  28. uh he cant even type that in when he types it in he hit enter and it says: You have to be logged in as a Adminastrator.
  29. rearendhat i can tell u the IP for my server and my server is on whitelist so and ill whitelist u and u can tell me the IP for ur server
  30. any more replys? :D
  31. Patience is waning, but, go to Start, All Programs, Accessories, and right-click on Command Prompt and select Run As Administrator. Then run sfc /scannow.
  32. it wont work. it said: Windows can not restart the repair resorce
  33. brb.
  34. I think this is one of those people that its better to just walk away from, hes not going to give you any helpful information that will allow you to help him.
  35. Best answer
    Sounds like something bad in there... You need to download and burn an anti-virus rescue disk, like the one AVG has, and do a boot scan of the hard drive.
  36. oh ya? then im making his best answer he has im making that Best Answer
  37. Derza10, I'm with you...
  38. Best answer selected by braxx001.
  39. uh any more comments!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
  40. rearendhat
    u wanna go play some minecraft????
  41. Why would anyone else try to help you now? You already gave out best answer when it didn't really fix anything for you, and you have provided next to no useful information where anyone could even help you if they wanted to.
  42. rearendhat whats ur minecraft name????
  43. im deleting thread soon
  44. Dreza10 do you play minecraft :bounce:
  45. This guy is trolling.
  46. how am i trolling u mean minecraft trolling or what?
  47. Just don't look or reply to this thread. I'm out!
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