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So my computer, one year of age, started to stop loading at the windows loading screen. Last week, O was on my computer browsing the net and listening to music when I click on a button in iTunes and the computer crashes. I restart the computer but when it gets to the starting windows loading screen, it loads for a little bit like normal, but then the screen flashes black and the monitor says it loses signal and stays disconnected. The computer stays running even when the screen says there is no signal.

So I think for a bit and decide to just reload windows because my computer was starting to get cluttered anyway. So I reinstall windows without a problem and the computer runs fine for the weekend and Monday. But this morning it started to do this all over again. I've tried looking at multiple forums but none have helped.

I ran the windows repair disk and it told me that there is a device plugged in that should be unplugged and restart. But I had nothing plugged in so I tried unplugging almost everything short of the power cable and monitor, but still no luck. Any help would be great since i would like get my computer running for finals next week, thanks.
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  1. did you check you graphic card since monitor loose signal ?
  2. What do you mean by check it?
  3. try her in another system or try another card in this system to see if you get video signal to your monitor
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