Built a new pc and mouse not active

I built a new PC and installed Windows 7. My keyboard is working just fine but my usb mouse doesnt work at all. Not sure how to go about fixing this using the keyboard alone.
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  1. Try another USB port. You may be connected to a port whose drivers are yet to be loaded.
  2. I'll try that when I get out of work. I plugged it into a few of the USB 3 slots but not all of them. Hopefully thats all I'll have to do.
  3. open the case get your motherboard manual out and the case manual and figure out how to connect the usb header on the case up to the usb receiver on the motherboard.
  4. I think the header is plugged into the board. I just figured since the plugs in the back are directly attached to the board that those would be more likely to work. but I guess at this point I need to try them all.
  5. Have you tired another mouse, or tired this mouse on another computer to be sure this mouse works?

    It could be a corrupted USB hub drivers, you can go into Device Manager and remove all the USB hub drivers. When you go back to the desktop the system will rediscover them and reinstall the drivers for them automatically.
  6. If your plugged into USB 3.0 and the driver is not installed yet it will not work, I have seen this on here before I believe.
  7. The USB headers worked. I was able to install drivers to get the rest working with the cd that came with the motherboard. Thanks for the help.
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