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I heard the steel series headset are good. I have a pair of dr dre studios, but i want a pro headset that i can use dedicated for my computer, not my ipod. any ideas? i will most likely get a sound card, any ideas on which one to get under $100 to take advantage of the headset? Thanks
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  1. just saw that best buy has sennheiseer headsets, my buget is now $300. Whats thie best gaming headset i can get for that price that i might also be able to use on xbox
  2. the real answer is do you want it a 7.1 fake or 5.1 real surround sound or a stereo headset . if you dont know what is surround sound check it out
    if you want a 7.1 fake or virtual as the say take the razer tiamat 7.1 but i dont recommend it because that might have a let power problem it makes a buzz all the time it is annoying so their is no good 7.1 real surround sound.
    if you want 5.1 real surround sound this is a good deal for the surround sound if you want a headset only for gaming not music or movies because it sounds like crap in the music or the movies get the Psyko Carbon PC 5.1 it costs 300$ it locates the enemy Accurately .
    if you want the 5.1 real surround sound headset but for gaming , movies and music get the TRITTON Pro plus it is perfect .
    if you dont like the surround sound get a pro stereo the stereo headset or the headphone i really dont have a real Experience but i can tell you the best companys in the market . the best companys is Sennheiser and audio-technica i think sorry for not having the experience for the stereo .
    we are finished with the headsets about the sound card their is asus or creative almost every body prefers the asus because of the software and the cards it perfect so asus it is their is alot of choices if you want a good one take this i think
    asus Xonar D2X if you want the best take this asus xonar Essence STX
    i am sorry for my long answer but i want to tell you every thing . can you make for me a favor tell me how is the dr dre studios and tell me your experience i am thinking to buy a one for my ipod tell me plzz and how long have you had the beats dr dre studios thanks
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