My pc windows 7 shut down after some minutes of gameplay with video games

Hello,i have installed recently windows 7 32bit previously i had vista my pc is
PROCESSOR:intel(R)duo core(TM)2 Duo CPU E84000 @ 3.00GHz 3.00GHz
GRAPHICS CARD:ati radeon HD 48000 series
PROBLEM:all of my games etc.Anno 1404,the witcher when i play after some minutes my pc shut down..but when i play PES 2010 i don't have any problems with my pc it doesn't shut down.This doesn't make any sence at all..i never have had similar problems

1.I don't have problems with overheating cheched

2.Drivers are installed

Any solutions??????????????
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  1. Hi northtroubles,

    Have you tried running the games in Compatibility Mode? Check out this tutorial for more info:


    Windows Outreach Team
  2. Look for the latest DX patch from Microsoft. 293kb one not the 120mb one.
  3. what PSU do you have?

    the first thing i would expect is a faulty/weak PSU failing to supply enough power to the system.

    ignore the other guys. bad DX install or compatibility issues wont cause a PC to shut down, its either overheating (which you seem to have already found is not the case) or not getting enough power.
  4. Guys i appreciate o lot of your help...i have tried what (WalkerA WinTeam said and swifty_morgan) but still my pc shuts down after 10 minutes of gameplay..right now i have installed in my pc the wither and anno 1404 and pes 2010 and only pes 2010 works without problems...before 2 weeks i was using windows vista on the same pc with the same games and they were all's very weird i think..(welshmousepk)
    I'm using ( pc probe II v1.04) on asus motherboard to see my pc tempetures and everything shows green(whitch meens ok)

    1.How can i see what PSU i have any advise?
  5. welshmousepk my PSU is a coolermaster M620 real power modular if that helps heres a link whitch shows my PSU
  6. that could well be the issue.

    i recently was experiencing this exact issue, with my coolermaster 650w PSU. they are not very good PSUs, and mine was failing to supply enough power to my 4890 and shutting off.

    do you know anyone who has a spare PSU you could try in your system? im fairly certain that its your issue, but wouldn't want to recommend replacing it until you c an be sure.
  7. plus another herefor psu
  8. I realy don't know what is going on with this issue before 2 weeks i was using the same pc with the same PSU and games but in vista..and when i installed windows 7 exactly on the same day when i played The witcher after 15 minutes just shut down and the problem is that on the previous day i was using the same game on vista and i didn't have any issues this is why i think is not the PSU because if it was the PSU 1)Why is it not turning off in new video games compatible with windows 7 2)why is not my PSU turning off the i'm leaving my pc for days open or running other programs....Maybe it's something else i don't know i will try contract and my suppliers...but realy thanks everyone for the advises i will try find me too the solution and i will reply any news.If anyone has any new ideas on the issue please reply
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    Check to see if there are any dust build ups on any of your heat sinks. Next thing I would do is open up the ATI CCC and manually set the fan speed to 40%.
  10. finally i have found the solution i had a lot of dust and when i cleand up my pc inside
    the problem solved thanks everyone and especially (swifty_morgan)
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