Can't get my surround sound working - Turtle Beach Z2

So I bought some Turtle Beach Z2's about two weeks ago and haven't really messed with the surround sound or anything yet. I went to play some Skyrim, a game I haven't played in quite a long time, and noticed in the intro that when an NPC is talking to the right or left of my character, the sound is clear, but when there's supposed to be noise from the center, the middle of the screen, there's just none, I literally have to turn my character's Point of View so I can hear things!

I went ahead and right clicked Speakers, opened up Playback, clicked Test Speakers, chose Surround Sound 5.1, and it goes through the test on every speaker possible, and I can only hear noise from two of the six speakers, the left and right ones. What's up with that?

The Turtle Beach Z2 came with two chords, a pink and a green one, and I put them in the corresponding ports in the back of my computer. I'm starting to regret doing this, should I have gotten USB headsets or something? Is there an option I'm overlooking?

I'm forced to play in stereo mode for now it seems :/.
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  1. Well with earphones there is only left and right audio, although earphones do give the effect of surround sound. the ports your earphones have is for the microphone (pink) and L/R audio (Green).

    I personally have issues with the fact when you face a charactor with your sound turned on a low setting you can't hear what they're saying meaning you have to look to a side to hear what they're saying. It's a universial issue... unfortunately you just have to have the sound louder.
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