3.5MM Audio Jack Split to Amplifier?

Hey Guys...
So complicating, hard to explain, but gonna explain it the best I can...

I Have a LG Flatron E2441 LED monitor with a 3.5mm Audio Jack on it, which outputs the audio the monitor receives from HDMI plugs...

I wanna connect 3 HDMI to a switch leading to the monitor...
(Xbox 360, PC and Set Up Box)

And then for the sound, I Have a 5.1 channel Amplifier, with Audio Jack behind it,
I Wanna Use a 3.5mm Y-splitter on the amplifier, So i can plug the one from the monitor and one from my PC,
(The xbox and Set up box will only have front channel sound)

So my question here is, Would the Monitor act as a Audio Source and also my PC, Like an Ipod and the amplifier being an Earphone?
or do i need a Audio Switch Box?

so the Y Splitter is upside down, the 2 female jack is source and the one male is Output...
will this work?
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  1. The HDMI would only select the front sound. A splitter is to let you feed one source to 2 inputs. This is the reverse of what you want to do. If the only center/rear is the PC then you don't need to switch this. Let the HDMI switch the front. You may have a problem getting the PC to output audio to HDMI and analog at the same time.
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