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My MP3 files (songs) already recorded and saved on my Windows Vista PC show Bit Rates of 64, 128, 160 and 192 kbs. I have copied a selection of these MP3 files from my PC to various formats of CD.

When I try to play the MP3 songs on my car's in-dash CD player, an error message appears showing reporting that the player cannot read the CDs.

Looking at my car audio user's handbook, it tells me that it will accept all the CD types I used (e.g. -R, +r) but it also lists additional details such as the "sub types" of MP3 files it will play e.g. ISO 9660 level 1, ISO 9660 level 2, Juliet extended, Romeo extended format (of where are thou?) with sampling frequencies of 16/22.05/24/32/44.1 and 48 khz.

I do not understand what is incompatible with what, if anything.

I do not understand the connection, if any, between Bit Rates and Sampling Frequencies.

Any steer would be much appreciated.
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  1. have you tried writing the files to cd using nero burning rom or other program and selecting the "lead in/lead out" option and/or "finalize disk" option?

    many devices might not be able to read an unfinished disk. some devices may not accept certain media (cd-r, cd+r, cd-rw...) but since you checked the manual this is probably not the case here.

    how did you record the mp3 files? check to see what settings were used to create them. at this point in time mp3 as a format should be pretty stable so unless the car stereo is old i can not see why it wouldnt play a certain subtype. while surely worth checking on i would check the disk burning process first.
  2. ssddx, Thank you. Great solution. Whilst I did not hve Nero, I had Roxio (similar?) and using their equivalent "jukebox" function I recorded and a mix of MP3 and WMA files. These played on my Mazda 2's car audio sucessfully.

    If I knew how to give rep points / kudos or best answer recognition I would do so but I have yet to learn how to do that here.

    Thank you
  3. there should be a mark post as best answer button.

    i've had issues with disks not playing in the past. it always had something to do with the disk not being set up for use in other devices besides a computer (as my earlier post describes).

    i hardly play disks in my mazda 3 anymore. the bluetooth pairing to my phone or 3.5mm input from my ipod are just too convenient.
  4. As I couldn't see a Best Answer option, I searched for that term and there is a thread that explains the process; apparently, because I failed to post my original enquiry as a "Question and answer", the "trophy Best Answer" icon does not appear. Consequently, I canot mark your reply as Best Answer but I did click on the "mark as a useful comment" thumb icon.

    Thank you.
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