Strange Permissions, services.exe, possible rootkit.

Recently I've encountered problems with what I think may be a rootkit. I've been having heating issues with my GPUs, they reach 60c on idle, and going around a few forums, I've noticed a services.exe in a few different places and a strange user, HomeUsers, who is not inherited and has special permissions which apply to "this folder only". When I go into change permissions, the option is greyed out. Anti-virus isn't picking anything up (McAfee) and a check disk showed nothing. Do I have a rootkit, and if so, what can I do?
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  1. Weird. All I can say is, permissions CAN be "greyed-out", indicating they are inherited from the parent folder.
  2. Run a scan with GFI/VIPRE and see what it picks up.
    Also, try malware detection/removal software after booting in safe mode.

    If you think you have a rootkit I'd just re-image from your last Clonezilla snapshot. (Assuming you keep backups).
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