Toshiba satellite m205 s4806

hi! m205 running Vista about 6 months started shutting off or sometime self rebooting. however, it works well in safe mode, it works well when on battery power but restarts almost immediately or within a few minutes when adapter is plugged in
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  1. It sounds like your laptop is overheating. If you got the system as a package deal I would take the adapter and make sure it matches up with the right power size for your computer. Sometimes with systems that are "refurbished" they less discrete sellers will slip you whatever cord fits the jack space, even if it is not the correct voltage. Otherwise try updating the power usage software. Another thing to try is to download motherboard monitor from here (link is to the majorgeeks website and the file dl scanned clean on original software is by Alex van Kaam). It should let you monitor the temps on almost all the internals.
  2. You have a bad Tokin 0e128 cpu capacitor. notice that your laptop might make a weak tick sound every 3/4 second once plugged in. You can replace the cap yourself with 4 330uF D package tantalum capacitors, but I just tried it with the appropriate tools and I didn't get lucky. Or you can replace the motherboard completely.
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