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A game I am trying to play on my pc keeps crashing because it says I don't have enough bandwidth to run it...How do I fix this to stop crashing? I have a 4G pc I purchased specifically to run games so why is this giving me a problem. When I looked in the device mgr under properties it says it's only running on 20%. Is there a way I can change that to accept more bandwidth on Windows 7? Please give a detailed response. I only know enough about computers to get me into trouble, I'm certainly NOT a techie......thanks : )
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  1. What is the exact message?
  2. give us your computer specs...
  3. A PC won't crash because your network connection is too slow.

    A PC only crashes because you have a hardware or software issue that needs to be fixed.

    Please provide:
    1. the error, and
    2. the GAME that is crashing.
    3. Your connection UPLOAD and DOWNLOAD SPEEDS
    *Do you have problems running OTHER GAMES that use the network.

    **By "crashing" if you are playing an online service that STREAMS the game too you (i.e. ONLIVE) and it just kicks you out of the game then your problem is simply a network connection that is too slow. There is little you can do about that.
  4. I have a 4G pc I purchased specifically to run games.

    Do you mean a 4G network/cellular ('wireless') Internet device?

    Then yes, games will 'crash' out when your network connection drops to the server.

    You may need a cable or xDSL service if you are gaming lots.

    You could try an external antenna, but they usually don't stop the connection from dropping out.
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