Creative Zen/iPod as Removable Hard Drive

I'm choosing between an iPod 4th Gen (20GB) and a Creative Zen Xtra (30GB) to take to University. But I'm trying to find out if they can function as a Removable Hard Drive WITHOUT having to install additional software/drivers. I want to use it like a USB Thumbdrive and I was hoping I could use my MP3 like that. Anyone out there knows anything about this??
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  1. a friend of mine has an ipod.....ipods certainly get detected as firewire hard drives, well his ipod does, running windows XP.

    the only thing is that you can't see the playable music files on the ipod, they are hidden. all other files are viewable and can be transferred between devices and PC's. so pictures and movies etc are easy to move.

    there are also some third party programs to view all files on an ipod.

    i think the Zen is a little bit more simple, but might require some drivers, but i think it's detected as a USB2 drive...i've never tried one though

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  2. yhe files on an ipod are hidden files
    you can make them viewable by just making all hidden files viewable in Folder>>>>>options

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