Trying to install windows 7 rc on third hard drive

I am trying to install windows 7 on a third hard drive but when i go to install windows 7 it detects my two original hardrives with xp and vista but it's not showing my third hard drive i just hook up can some one tell me how to get this hard drive to show up in the windows 7 install please?

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  1. How am i even suppose to format this hard drive if it isn't showing up.....grrrrrrr need help!
  2. Does it show up in BIOS?
  3. How are you doing the install? Have you booted from the Windows 7 DVD, or have you booted into your existing OS and are using it to run the upgrade program from the DVD?
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    Try disconnecting first 2 HDDs. Install win7 on HDD then reconnect other two HDDs. On boot hit key (F12 on Mine) and select which HDD to boot to.
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