Windows XP Pro Installation Over Itself

I have a Computer that I plan to upgrade with a new a Motherboard and CPU Chip.

The Computer is currently running Windows XP Pro SR1, and I would really like to keep all of the Windows XP Pro, Systems and Applications Settings, and the installed Programs intact.

What is the correct way that I can install Windows XP over itself after I upgrade with the Computer's new Hardware Configuration.

I know that my Computer's System Hardware Components are being modified, but there has to be a way that I can install Windows XP over itself without loosing all of my installed Programs and Applications.


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  1. Here's what I'd do: (note: may not be the best idea, but ah well)

    1. Back up any important stuff.
    2. In winXP, go to device manager, and uninstall pretty much all your hardware. Any motherboard stuff for sure.
    3. Shut down, install new hardware.
    4. Boot up, let XP auto detect all hardware and install it.
    5. Reboot.
    6. Install drivers for new hardware.
    7. Reboot.
    8. Test.

    You should be good with doing that.

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  2. If you re-install over XP with XP you will loose most settings and profiles, you will then have to find all the program .exe files to start your programs again. Best way IMO is to copy all data and do a file and settings transfer to another partition or storage medium, this way you will get back most of your settings by transferring it back. In addition to this a backup and a Drive Image may be the key as even an over-install is more or less like a new install and can be a bit of a lottery as to what you get back. That’s my experience anyway :smile:

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