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Hey Tomshardware,

So I'm in the market for a headset with a microphone, but I really don't know anything about these accessories. I want them to be completely over the ear (I think the term is circumaural), have good sound quality, and a clear sounding mic. I will using these for gaming (VoIP), and as such require a decent microphone (good enough that my voice will be clear, don't need it for professional recording) and I would like the actual speakers to deliver crisp sound for both the games and music. Will not be using these headphones for music production or mastering, so I don't need professional grade quality, just good enough that music sounds nice, I guess. I know little to nothing of headsets, so I don't have a price range yet, was hoping you guys could help me narrow it down--if a $80 headset is really as low as I should go for my needs, that'll be fine, but if you think $50 will be fine then that's okay too. I usually shop on Newegg but I'm okay with Amazon or any other refutable online shop as well.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. I am starting to learn towards these after browsing a bit, . Any audiophiles out there have a comment on this? Is it worth it to spend a little extra, or are differences not all that noticeable?
  2. I recommend saving up a bit more for the bose ae2 and a cheap clip-on mic.
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