NEW laptop with AMD athlon II Dual Core Processors

Someone Please answer this if you can:
An AMD Athlon™ II Dual-Core Mobile Processors for Notebook: P320 should be 2.1 Ghz
My bro just bought a new notebook with this processor, but the CPU clockrate is only 795 mhz.

The CPU name is correct and the clockrate when viewed from the BIOS is 2.1 ghz, but after boot, it just tu...rned out to be 795 mhz.
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    It's fine. Like Intel chips, AMD chips "throttle down" when the system doesn't need the CPU at full bore. Basically what you are seeing with the 795MHz clock rate is the CPU in idle mode. If for example, you were to open up a game, the CPU would "throttle up" to 2.1GHz.
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