DELL Inspiron 1501 lights up but nothing else

Hi there,

Dell Inspiron 1501 lights up and sounds as if it is about to boot up then nothing happens and appears to be switched off again.

I have tried removing the memory, removing the battery (not quite sure how else to clear the cmos) removed the hdd - but still nothing

When the battery is in and not connected to ac, all the lights blink on yet if I only have the ac connected then only the power light blinks on.

I am considering taking the whole laptop apart but I was also hoping someone could give me the advise before doing so as I believe I have done all the troubleshooting I can...

Cheers, Kalvin
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    What you've done is about as good as it gets in regard to troubleshooting the obvious. If you take it apart, keep an eye out for frayed or fried connections, as I am guessing that heat may have something to do with the troubles you are facing.
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