Best headphones for ~200$?

Hi, I'm looking for a good pair of headphones that cost ~200$ ..
I'm going to use them on the train, in the library, in the university etc. etc. so they need to be portable, I'm going to keep them almost all the days in my bag.. so they need to be strong.
I'll use them to listen to music and to hear lectures..
I dont care if they are Bluetooth or not. but I want only over-the-head or over-the-ear type of headphones and not in-ear etc.

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  1. what matters most to you, sound quality or portability?

    over the ear headphones offer isolation from ambient sounds or at least more so then in ear or on ear solutions. the downside is that over the ear type headphones are normally much larger and harder to carry around.

    if you would prefer better sound over easier carry then might i recommend the audiotechnica ath-m50 (note: not m50s which is the straight cable version. the m50 is the coiled cable version) which is a studio headphone.

    they are one of the fold up designs and are built of heavy duty plastic. i carry them in a sling backpack and they are no worse for wear. great sound, especially out of a sub $200 product. the reason i stated the m50 model is that i have the m50s model and the cord is quite long (so its not as portable as the m50s model).

    just an idea.

    if you would rather have on the ear models then do take a look at audiotechnica and sennheiser offerings.
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