Extreme laptop idle temperatures.

Right now I've got a T500 (Thinkpad/Lenovo) and It's idle temperatures are around 90C. Its got a ATI Mobility FireGL V5700 GPU. I've overclocked it from 600/700Mhz to 700/855Mhz. However, even when I underclock my laptop, its still uber hot.
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  1. So, is it the GPU that is reaching that temp or the CPU? How long has this been going on that you can remember?
  2. Check to see if the fans are working and that they and vents aren't obstructed.
  3. Well the fans are fully functional and now its at 100C at idle :sweat: I'm using the AMD GPU clock tool to find out temperatures; It says ASIC temperature via internal TSS, which I have no idea what it means. so I think its GPU thats that high. Also Its the left side, right next to the vent. Its just been going on since yesterday I think.
  4. Ok this is getting insane I need an answer! Its at 105C Idle and 130 under load!!!!
  5. try using a vacuum cleaner just to blow and suck the air vents. dust may accumulate inside the fan and heat sink. it worked for me and my dell studio 14.
  6. You could try and put some new thermal paste on.
    OR turn down the clock back to defaults and monitor the heat. - If you find after turning down the clock speed its still hotter than the sun, put some new thermal paste and try again.

    hope this helps
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