What to do with bookshelf speakers

So i bought two
Precision Acoustics Bookshelf Speakers and im a t a loss what to do with them. Would lvoe some advice.

most of my music is on my computer or networked NAS and my tv has no audio out its a 39inch insignia.. Would love to use these somewhow but they probably need an amp? or power somehow. I have a record player that has no amp either.. any best advice would be great.. can i make them wireless with a bluetooth adapter?
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  1. Hi Noxy:
    Find a cheap used stereo receiver. Hook the "A" L&R speaker outputs (red + black) to the connections on your speakers. Tune in some radio stations. Purchase a stereo audio cord with RCA plugs on one end and 3.5mm stereo plug on the other. Push the RCA plugs into the L&R Aux (or Tape) inputs on your receiver. Plug the 3.5mm plug into the "line out" on your computer and enjoy your music. If your TV has no audio out, you are at a dead end for that avenue.
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