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Upgrade my 1.7GHz to 2.8GHz? plz comment

Last response: in CPUs
July 26, 2004 11:53:38 PM

I'd appreciate any advice/comments on this.

Here's my current system:

Dell Dimension 8100 w/ P4 1.7GHz Willamette processor
(400MHz frontside bus)
512MB pc800 RDRAM
120GB HD

I've already spent $110 on a 256MB RAM upgrade.

Does ~$230 for a Powerleap adaptor and P4 2.8GHz (400MHz FSB, non-celeron) Northwood processor make for a cost effective upgrade solution? Or is the $/Benefit ratio just not there?

Moving from 1.7 to 2.8, and Willamette to Northwood tells me there should be a noticeable improvement, but is it worth the money?

Unfortunately, a new system is out of the question for now.

Please enlighten me. Thanks,

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July 27, 2004 4:21:12 AM

That's not bad, considering any other upgrade would force you to replace most of the system.

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