Too many netbooks to choose from...

going back to school in september, decided I wanted to buy a netbook and add in a corsair nova 30gig drive cause theyre only 70 bucks. Decided on a netbook over an ultra-portable because its dirt cheap and can do what I need it to do: MS word, facebook, IM, and thats basically it.

Ive been looking at reviews all over but theyres just too many different models, and also the atom 455 and 475 or whatever the chips are that will be dual core and use DDR3 are coming out soon, so I might end up waiting for those.

If I buy NOW though, which netbook should I get?
Requirements (from most to least important)
>Matte screen
>great battery life (7 or 8+)
>preferably a chiclet keyboard (no biggee as long as its comfortable to use)
>budget is around 300 bucks, can go as high as 330 if its worth it
and thats pretty much it!

I've been looking at the Asus 1001p and I might go with that one, just wanna know what everyone on here thinks cause youre all probably way smarter about this than I am :P

not sure if this should go into the gen discussion or the pre-built computer section so if a moderator needs to move it go right on ahead :)

thanks all
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  1. Your in the right place. After looking around a bit, I'd say that if you were to buy now, the 1001P is about as good as it gets for the money. I'm not sure when the dual core chips will be out, but I suspect rather soon.
  2. I have a Samsung N150. It's the "standard" netbook. Great battery life and, for a netbook, excellent keyboard.
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