I have put some videos from my old Nokia mobile on2 my laptop and burned them on2 a disc through my media player, but when I try to play them they won't open, can any1 help.
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  1. *The cellphone video format (probably 3GP) might be the problem. If you haven't already I would try opening the files using VLC.*

    If that doesn't solve your problem, you will probably need to supply more detailed information to get an answer.

    Some things to look at are:
    1) How are you getting the files from your phone onto your laptop? What software are you using?

    2) Does this software allow you to convert the video files (to various formats) when you save them to your laptop?

    3) Do the 'raw' video files you saved on your laptop (before you burned them to disk) play on your PC?

    4) What (software?) media player to play/burn the files, and what file formats does it support?
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