hi there..I have a problem with my is a R3332ea model.....I have it for about 7 years now and it worked fine...apart for that power supply plug that i had to solder properly on the motherboard it was ok....2 days ago when i was at work my laptop has gone wife told me that the screen started flashing like it was gonna explode in the next seconds so she turned of the laptop and left it like that.when i switched it back on.....i just get a blank dark grey screen...the fans start working ...and that is it.....the hard drive light only flashes once when switching on and stops.....which makes me think there is something wrong with the HDD and windows fails to start.......
has anyone got a simmilar problem...what might be wrong with can i fix this....
I love this laptop..even if it's old and has scratches I wouldn't give it away for a new one......please help me bring it back to life!!!!
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  1. The screen flashing may have been the cfl(back light) ballast or other part of the screen giving out.

    If you want to check if its the hard drive(i doubt this as even a bad drive will normally let the system post), remove it and the system will post without it(its only 1 screw :0). You may also want to try to connect it to an external monitor.
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