DOS-based program to HP Laserjet 5N print job

Hello,at my job, we have a very old computer with a custom designed DOS based OS that prints to an older HP Laserjet 5N printer. Because of the type of program and the design of the system, we can't upgrade anything (military application).

The problem is, every time you print something, it creates a 'cover page' full of asterisks at the header and footer of the page. I've exausted all resources trying to figure out why and how it does this. I'v ebeen here for three years and as far as I know, it's been doing this since the birth of this system (atleast 10 years). It's a huge waste of paper and I was wondering if you guys had any advice.
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  1. Since this is DOS, that cover page must be created by the application. Unless the application has a setting to turn it off you just need to put up with it!
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