Best sound card for my Sennheiser headset?


I've recently received a Sennheiser PC 350 headset. Having never had such a high-end headset before, I didn't know that I'd need a soundcard; because right now the sound quality is sub-par.

I'm looking for the cheapest headset that will give me the best quality. I've looked around and I can gather that for headsets, people are saying to either go with ASUS Xonar DS/DG/DGX or a Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi card.

Out of those, which would be the best for me?
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  1. I would never buy an asus product.
    BUT, there is really something else, because if the board audio is working correctly, and the headphones are correct, then it should sound pretty good without adding a sound card.
  2. asus sonar essence Stx is the best card for cans!
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