Which performance laptop; Alienware M15x or MSI GT660?

Just wondering if anyone fancies contributing a verdict between a totally maxed out M15x:


or this impressive looking new MSI


Cost not a major issue, but performance is. The M17x is just a little too big for what I want, though the crossfire 5870's were pretty tempting. The Asus G51 3D is tempting too but the 5850, 920xm cpu and fast RAM in the Alienware kinda swung it. Looking to buy in a few days. Thanks in advance for any input!
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  1. The second link doesn't work,however GTX 285 is faster than a HD 5850M.
    An alternative 15" would be Sager NP890 which has HD 5870M(faster than GTX 285M) in it
  2. I'd definitely go for the MSI. You can't beat an i7 and a GTX 285M. I assume this is for gaming, correct?
  3. Did you look at the Sager model too ?
  4. buwish said:
    I'd definitely go for the MSI. You can't beat an i7 and a GTX 285M.

    Actually, you can but that's off topic. I agree with going with the Asus though.
  5. Yeah, although I'm in europe and Sager is American I believe. However a company called kobalt computers in the UK is selling the same Clevo based machines and some of them do look mightily impressive. I'm very tempted by the 15" model as it is offered with the ATI 5870, but I need to research a little further into how loud and hot it gets, as from what I can tell so far the Alienware is very good in this respect, not to mention it looks a lot classier.
  6. Kobalt is a great company and have good supports(according to the users who bought from them)
    If you can afford the G860(Sager NP8690),go for it.Its the only 15" laptop i have seen that has a 5870M in it.The build quality and cooling are pretty good too
  7. I don't suppose there are any articles about Clevo's latest chasis's regarding noise, performance any any other benchmarks??

    Such a shame Alienware's 15" doesn't come with the 5870, it's a much better looking machine, still kinda got my heart set on it!

    Now I'm thinking I should get an M11x for the time being, I work on a yacht and portability is quite important, so may get one for it's mobility factor and then perhaps get a monster 17" system which can pretty much stay in my cabin for hd movies and games.

    I'm so indecisive...
  8. Go with the Alienware....I bought my 1st Alienware desktop 8 years ago and not 1 problem with it....I just rebuilt it because the stuff inside was Old ! My friend has the 17" laptop and man is it fast and sweet looking and great cooling....they also have geat customer support !
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