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Hey guys,

I have a 32" Vizio with an offbrand soundbar that has two AV outputs and one input. I am also building a media server PC to always be connected through a VGA cable to the TV for movie streaming and music playing purposes.

I was interested in attempting to find an audio system that will be possible to wire all of these together.

PRice range: Less than $200, if possible less than $100 but for a good system that will last I will spend a little extra
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  1. There are many possibilities. Give us two stores/websites you would shop at and we can make some recommendations.
  2. Newegg, amazon, best buy
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    well you have a few options available to you.

    you could connect both up to the television and use the televisions audio out to go to the soundbar

    you could have a seperate wire going from each source to the soundbar and use a splitter (but you could only have one device set to output sound at once this way)

    a hometheatre in a box solution might accept two inputs and act as a cheap receiver/speaker combination, however the speakers you will get are typically little junky plastic ones so i find this hard to recommend.

    you could link both through a cheap receiver and get a few speakers to hook up. this way might blow your budget by a little bit.


    personally i have my ps3 and pc hooked up via a receiver and that connected to a 5.1 surround system and 40" tv. i spent quite a bit more than $200 (i had a bigger budget) but overall i'd say its worth it.
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