What are a good sub-$100 set of 5.1 computer speakers

I've been looking at getting a decent set of speakers for my computer(s), and was wondering what you all think.

Budget: <$100

# of speakers: 5.1
Most important feature: sound quality
Other factors: Overall loudness, bass
Interface: 3x 3.5mm (standard PC connections for 5.1). If it also supports TOSLINK, that's certainly a bonus, but not expected/required.

I typically don't listen to bass-heavy music, but when I do, I like the bass to mesh with the rest of the sound range, not overpower it.

Anyone have any recommendations?

I hate shopping for this type of thing online (since numbers != sound quality), but honestly don't have time to go out and give a bunch of these a listen...

I personally was considering this:

Thanks in advance
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  1. (bUmp)
  2. I would almost go for a great 2.1 instead of a low end 5.1 that doesn't really have alot of ump. psw 8 in, a couple of bookselfs and a t amp would better serve you. Not too much bass and good sound
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