Built in Speakers in Media room

I have six speakers (80 watt and 8 Ohms each) and I want to wire them up to a music source so you can listen to music or hook up to PS3.. what are my options


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  1. PS the speakers are in the ceiling

    Can someone send me to a link to how I would wire them up parralel or seires and all the positives to negatives and then a link to something small form that I can put in a draw or cupboard that will play bluetooth, mp3, and ipod

  2. Anything small will just not power 6 speakers.
    Simplest solution is a surround sound receiver that has the connectivity you need.
    You can also use a stereo receiver or integrated amp with an iPod dock and bluetooth adaptor. You would also need a speaker selector box that will allow you to connect the 3 pairs of speakers without damaging it.
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