Sony MODEL pcg-3d37 w/ it possible to

reload with Win XP? I think the drivers would be a problem....or obtain a Win XP reload Sony CD?
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  1. Well...after I googled the model number.... I called the friend that wants to do this to his laptop and got the REAL MODEL# and it is PCG-3D3L

    But everywhere one goes, they want to charge to download free drivers....WTH
  2. Sony shouldn't charge you a dime to download drivers. Are you sure that you looked in the right spot?

    If you cannot find the proper XP drivers and you want to ditch Vista, you might be better off going to Windows 7. The drivers are readily available and in many opinions, W7 is better than Vista. If your laptop can run Vista, it can run 7. If you bought the computer during the time when MS was offering free upgrades, it will be worth it.
  3. Thanks for the response.....went to the site. I guess IO will have to get his laptop here to my place so I can get the full number. But it appears that this model had nothing but Vista. So Win 7 might be the answer. I do have a few copies of Win XP I thought I would offer him a copy to complete this
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