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I think my processor may be shot!!!

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August 2, 2004 6:20:48 PM

Gotta question for you guys and gals. This is the second time its happened within a week. I'm on my PC and all of a sudden I get a blue screen. Not the BSOD (Blue screen of death) as some people call it, but just a plain blue screen. Of course when this happens, my computer completely freezes and I figure a reboot will fix the problem. Upon rebooting, it starts up fine and you can tell it runs POST fine by the indicator lights on my drives and all my fans have power but I have no video signal being feed to the monitor. Initially, I thought it may have been my video card but I tried another one from a different PC and I still got the same thing. Then I tried the memory and got the same result. I made sure everything was seated properly and all cables were well connected and I still got the same result. I brought it in to one of the IT guys that work in my building and the only thing he did was reseat the processor and it worked fine. After a few days, it happened again and I immediately tried reseating the processor (thinking the same solution would work) and I got no video. I think my processor and board may be shot. I'm mostly leaning toward the processor. I'm not overclocked in anyway. What do you guys think??

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August 2, 2004 7:12:38 PM

Memory can also cause the symtoms you describe. I had 2 sticks fail recently within hours of each other, and wasted alot of time sending in components under warranty. I would check it with memtest, a free download. Please list your system specs including the power supply, and the approximate age of the components.
August 2, 2004 7:38:12 PM

How would I go about testing my memory if I am unable to see anything on the monitor? My specs are as follows:

Asus P4G8X Deluxe mobo
Asus ASUS V9280S 128MB video
P4 2.66GHz (533 FSB)
PC2700 Kingston HyperX 512MB
Sparkle PSU 300W
80GB Western Digital HDD 7200rpm

All of my components are a little over a year in age except for the hard drive which was recently installed about 2 months ago.

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August 2, 2004 7:45:02 PM

I've blown out the agp port on a mobo once. Somehow a bad ground wire on a new psu caused a surge and blew out my agp slot and my cpu.

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MSI Neo-Fis2r
512mb Kingmax ddr400
Sapphire 9800pro 128mb
10K WD Raptor
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August 2, 2004 7:47:32 PM

Inspect the CPU to see if there is any bent/broken Pins, if you manipulated it it might got damaged...just an idea

Asus P4P800DX, P4C 2.6ghz@3.25ghz, 2X512 OCZ PC4000 3-4-4-8, Leadtek FX5900 w/ FX5950U bios@500/1000, 2X30gig Raid0
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August 2, 2004 7:48:21 PM

btw no gals in here ;-)

Asus P4P800DX, P4C 2.6ghz@3.25ghz, 2X512 OCZ PC4000 3-4-4-8, Leadtek FX5900 w/ FX5950U bios@500/1000, 2X30gig Raid0
August 2, 2004 8:06:32 PM

Okay, from what you said, I presume your rig has been working to your satisfaction, up until the time of this incident, correct? If that is the case, examine what you or someone with access to your machine may have done to allow this to happen, i.e. soldering inside the machine with all the components installed. I would say its more likely your mobo than your cpu, as today's cpu's are extremely resilliant to heat and voltage leaks and such. If your CPU would've blown, more likely than not, you would've known about it. Check your mobo first. It is still possible, but VERY unlikely, that your cpu is part of this mess.

This is just an educated guess, but if I had your board in front of me, the first thing I would do is check the conductance of the voltage regulators (transistors) around and near your agp slot and the card itself. All of this assumes you are confident that you tested all the memory slots accurately, as well as the agp slot using another card. If you are sure it is not a memory issue, then I recommend RMAing the mobo if you can.

Good Luck and keep us updated!
August 3, 2004 5:45:34 PM

I will definitely try that. But I'm positively sure that its not the memory. I will keep you guys posted. Thanks for the suggestions.

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August 4, 2004 2:21:03 AM

You say that your rig is posting, but no video. Try a different monitor. If that doesn't work, see if you can find an old pci video card.
August 4, 2004 3:18:55 AM

Usually the computer will beep when the BIOS complete the POST test. My light on my drives come on, when I start my comp. That doesn't necessarily mean its passes the POST test. Look at your owner's manual, it should tell you what certain beeps are. Usually, 1 single beep means it has passed the test. Also, if it does pass the test, then you can rule out the following components. The motherboard, CPU, memory and video card. It may be your monitor.
August 4, 2004 4:27:38 AM

Only if the system speaker is installed. Most people dont bother any more.