Is SAMSUNG R580-JS05AU a good computer?

I am buying a laptop and very unsure about what to buy. I found a SAMSUNG R580-JS05AU it has everything I need but everyone is advising me not to get it because it is not a good brand. What do you think?
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  1. Oddly enough, Samsung which used to have a creaky image have been on a winning streak recently making nicely styled and decently performing stuff.

    My impression from what I've heard (and I seldom buy new stuff so ignore me at will) is that there are several unexpected names among the better regarded laptops presently. So in addition to the usual favourites (Toshiba, some Dells, Sony, Apple) you might consider Samsung, MSI and Asus.
  2. After checking it out, it does indeed seem like a decent laptop, i.e. i7, solid casing for portability, decent GPU, and plenty of storage. Samsung hasn't really made any spectacular laptops in the past, but like fihart said, they seem to have turned things around recently. I'd give it a shot and buy it if it suits your needs.
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