Going to buy a new system this year. Help!!

I am looking to buy a top of the line system mainly for gaming this year. When will the price of the FX-51/53 fall to the $400 range?? Also, what makes the FX better than the regular 64 bit 3400/3600? I will probably go AMD and am waiting fot the x800t/Geforce Ultra to fall in price. Thanks alot
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  1. I know that the difference between FX and reg 64 used to be more pins and L2 cache size in the early Athlon 64bit, the FX 51 had 940 pins + 1MB L2 cache and the regular 64 had 754 pins and 512KB L2 cache.

    I don't know what the difference is today.

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  2. who cares, itll change in 3 months anyways

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  3. the fx today has 1mb of cache versus 512kb from the athlon 64 and it also has unlocked multipliers. so what it comes down to is that if you do not plan to overclock at all, the athlon 64 is a fine choice and will do fine. the fx does have the extra cache, but its aimed at enthusiasts that plan to overclock.
  4. Also it has a super cool "Fx" in front of it.
    I wish everything in life had an "Fx" version.
    like pizza, i love pizza....but wouldn't "FX pizza" be even better? Yes, i think it would.

    here is the thing, reserch the chipsets for the Mobo,new technologies for Hard Drives and optical drives and when it comes closer look at prices and different specific things.
    you might get a steal somewhere online on something. Dont make plans today for a computer 6months down the road if you want it to be top of the line.
  5. What are optical drives?? I have 2 80 gig drives in a RAID array right now.
  6. Optical drives are like the CD-R Drives, The DVD drives. Bascially if it will fit a disk into it....its an optical drive. There is Duel Layer burning on the horizon of affordability. I say that with one caveat, the drives are out now and not too exspensive but i am not in favor of spending a rediculous amount for the disks, i have heard 10bucks a disk...lol too rich for my blood.

    If you are going to get a top of the line computer, get two Gen 2 Raptors. The 74GB ones. Slap them in a RAID-0. instead of the 80GB ones you have. Get a DVD Burner, and other then that....the reccomendations are all dependant on what system and platform you choose to go with.
    You need to figure out what Mobo, CPU, RAM, Power Supply, Video Card, Hard drive and what case to throw it all in.

    But like i said before, if you are going to buy in 6months newer things will be out, everything should be a little less exspensive, and the composition of your build will be different. I would say give yourself about 3-4weeks for research and price watching. After 3 weeks you should know exactly what you want, and at what prices.
  7. Optical drives are drives that use lazor optics to read/write.
  8. Kinda bouncing off topic but I have 1 raptor in my build and I was going to get 2 of them. However I read that raid 0 with them would slow down my computer because of one of the things I use it for (photoshoping and web design). Apparently someone found that it did better on its own. Do you know anything about this?

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