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when i am in-game (sacred, diabloII, doom 3) i keep crashing to desktop. there is no artifacting or other visible graphic problems. i have ran mem testing and found no erors. i think it may be my prcessor but was hoping for another opinion before i purchased a new one.

system spec:
gigabite 8ihxp
1 gig(2x512)kingston rambus
2.53 gig p4 stock cooling
radion 9700 pro
wd 80gig hd
psu vantec 520 watt
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  1. What leads you to believe it is the processor?

    What kind of temperatures is your processor running? Have you tried running some tests on your CPU, run it at 100% load and see what happens.

    What you described could be a lot of things, even a software issue.

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  2. Also I think if it were your processor the games wouldn't be crashing to the desktop.

    Becuase your games are just closing, then you are left with a working desktop I take it?

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  3. make sure you got dx9b and the latest vid drivers and the latest game patches then come on back
    if the clowns are still laughing at you.

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  4. thanks for the replies guys. I know its not a software isue because i have reformatted twice now and i do have all the drivers and I reinstalled dx9b with doom3. the reason i believe it is the processor is because it "usualy" crashes to the desktop but it will also restart the system every once in a while. but that is why i posted here to see if maybe there is a way to not have to spend $150 on a new processor.
  5. Your PSU should be good enough, but use something like MBM5 to log your Voltage rails to see if one of them drops just prior to a crash, just to be sure.

    Have you tried different drivers? Try a few different (older) catalyst drivers and see if it helps.

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  6. You might also want to check the capacitors near the chip, for leaking, or bulging.
  7. I often had random crashing similar to that while i was running my ram slightly faster than it could perform. only when it was under heavy load, it would restart the system, but your problem sounds a bit different..

    You m ight want to try omega drivers, they may help sort out your problem.
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