Article on AMD's now emerging mobile processors(Danube/Nile line)?

I am a long time Tom's reader, it is the first place I go when I find out about new technology to see what Tom's has done with it. That is why I was shocked to see that Tom's hardware has no reference to the already shipped chips. All I found was one old news article concerning the new AMD Danube line entering the market, from back in January. I really expected to see something on Tom's laying out and explaining these processors with a promise of benchmarks to come, or even better, completed benchmarks. It would be great to see how these stack up against intels line of mobile i3/i5/i7. But instead all I find is a 8 page or so article about Moorestown/atom. Interesting read, but where are some mobile tech reviews. Or is Tom's hardware only about desktops and gaming?

If you are also just finding out about these new chips and want to know what I am talking about here is a small tech preview of these new mobile/laptop cpus.

Maybe I missed it but I searched for Phenom P920 and N930, and didn't find what I was looking for. Neweggs got a sale on a laptop with one of those components. I can only imagine this influx of competing mobile CPUs will bring down the prices of fast performance laptops. But I don't feels competent to make a value assessment until I get a clearer picture of these new AMD chips. Especially in regards to their processing power, heat issues, and batter life compared to intel's current line.
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  1. Indeed. I was expecting at least a mention of the new mobile chips, but nothing to date. However, I would expect a review or 2 as our labs get their hands on a few laptops powered by the chips. When that will be, I do not know. Keep an eye out though. If you want to get an idea of how they stack up in comparison to Intel's chips, check this link out:
  2. Tom's seems to no longer care about the mobile world. They do the odd laptop review every once in a while, but not very often. Ever since they attempted to make the mobile CPU list which got outdated in about a month, they seem to have given up.

    The N930 only competes with the outdated Q9000 according to Notebook Check. That's a little disappointing to me. Hoping to see better.
  3. I agree. I'm thinking that until AMD revamps their architecture for all of their chips, mobile included, they will not be able to compete with Intel performance wise.
  4. It is apparent that AMD is lagging a bit behind with CPU processing/performance and from spec sheets, even thermal efficiency. About that old Q9000, it still runs for around $300(stand alone), 200 on ebay, and is a very hot chip, sometimes running as hot as 85°C. Also it is a little more power hungry than the N930. 45W TDP vs 35W TDP. I am not looking to see AMD beat intel in performance specs. But budget/value wise, AMD has a better integrated graphics platform and a more dedicated over-clocking enthusiast group. I'm curious to see if they cannot win overall in dollar vs. performance ratio for laptops, which is a bit of a different game than desktops. Where energy efficiency heat generation/dissipation are much bigger concerns.
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