Do monitor cables have fuses or circuit breakers in them?

I moved one of my monitors (I've got 4 on a stand with a PNY Quadro NVS 440 graphics card which is mostly a workstation type card mostly for financial trading, mostly 2D graphics) and when I reconnected it I got a "No Signal" message. I thought uh oh, I've ruined a monitor. I traced the cable to the graphics card connection, unplugged and then reconnected things and still, "No signal". So then I switched the cable from one monitor to the other "good" monitor and "No signal" . My other 3 monitors are working fine. Actually all 4 monitors work, So,.......... I assume one cable is bad.

Can monitor cables go bad? Do they have fuses or circuit breakers in them? My cables have those little round tubular thingys on both ends, is that some kind of fuse, circuit breaker or protective device? Is there any way to reset them? I didn't seen any buttons or reset thing on either one.

The simplest solution might be to buy a new monitor cables. They're all VGA cables, not DVI.

Thoughts, ideas, opinions, help? Thanks guys or gals.
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  1. OK, I looked up what those round cylinders are at each end of the cable and they are Ferrite filters, not some type of fuse or circuit breakers.
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