Asus Xonar ST with Logitech Z5500

Hello :

I may be asking an old question but yet i didnt find any direct clear answer.
I have logitech z5500 speakers and asus xonar st soundcard, i used to connect them via optical cable but i have been told that by doing so my sound card won't be the device that process the audio , the logitech receiver will. Is that true ? and what is the best way to connect this card to my speakers? optical or analog cables ?
Mind you i use my pc mainly for games and some music listening , while i use my ps3 for blurays " home theater player " which i connect to the logitech speakers via optical cable.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. That is correct, when you use optical cable. If you want to have the signal process by the soundcard then you have to use analog cables, like the one that included with the Z-5500
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