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New system

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August 4, 2004 3:34:42 PM

The system im building here is for gaming and video/photo editing.

CPU -> Athlon 64 3200 Socket 754 $279.99CND
(which socket should i go with right now becuase im not sure i heard the 754 will be a dead end for uping the system later on)

MOBO -> asus K8N-E Deluxe Socket 754 $209.99CND or A8V Deluxe Socket 939 $175.00

HDD -> WD Caviar SE 200G 7200rpm SATA 8M $177.00

For this has anyone ever tried the Sapphire cards for the ATI chipset?
VideoCard -> SAPPHIRE Radeon 9600XT 256M VIVO $259.00

RAM -> OCZ PC3200 DDR400 512MBx2 CAS2.5 (OCZ4001024PDC-K) $319.00


Kingston Dual Channel 1024MB PC3200 DDR 400MHz Memory (2 x 512MB) $258.99

CD/DVD Burn -> Megastor Dual Layer DVD Burner / 2.4x DVD+R DL / 8x4x12x DVD±RW / 32x16x40x CD-RW $bought

PSU ->Ultra 500Watt ATX Power Supply with 2-80mm Cooling Fans $bought

CASE -> Ultra Dragon Glossy MS-Blue ATX Mid-Tower Case with Clear Side, Front USB and FireWire $bought

HSF ->Venus 12

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August 5, 2004 1:22:53 AM

The socket 754 is slated for sempron use, in the future, so it will become the lower end mobo. Not really a consideration, as agp graphics is being phased out, so you will want/need a new mobo to update your graphics in a couple of years anyhow. By then DDR2 might even be worthwhile.
The Ati cards run great on the Nforce chipset.
August 5, 2004 1:38:41 AM

"The Ati cards run great on the Nforce chipset."

thats like saying AMD's run great on intel platforms. If your going for a Nforce platform go for a Nvidia card.

i recommend the P4C 3.2Ghz. and a Gigabyte mobo they have a dual bios and are reliable. the P4 has HT will might come in handy when runing multiple aplications.
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August 5, 2004 1:51:12 AM

My Ati card run very well on my nvidia powered mobo....

-Always put the blame on you first, then on the hardware !!!
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August 5, 2004 1:19:58 PM

What the .....
ATI will run equally great on SIS/VIA/Intel/Ati/nVidia

Xept maybe on via cause their chipset often sux ;-)

Asus P4P800DX, P4C 2.6ghz@3.25ghz, 2X512 OCZ PC4000 3-4-4-8, Leadtek FX5900 w/ FX5950U bios@500/1000, 2X30gig Raid0
August 5, 2004 1:44:54 PM

thx alot for the help. Dose anyone know of the Sapphire
ATi Cards to see if they are any good or not?

\\\//3// 7//3 31337 (0///3 |=0|2 J0/\ 83 |234|)j!!!1
August 5, 2004 11:56:56 PM

They are excellent! Sapphire is an OEM builder for ATI. My best buddy just got a 9600XT-256mb to play DoomIII. I'll post how he does. :smile:

Abit IS7 - 2.8C @ 3.4 - Mushkin PC4000 (2 X 512) - Sapphire 9800Pro - TT 420 watt Pure Power
Samsung 120gb ATA-100 - Maxtor 40gb ATA - 100
August 6, 2004 1:11:14 AM

Saphire makes a lot of variations on each video card. If you have a model, check with the graphics forum. Those guys know thier cards.
Tell you right now though, stay away from the Atlantis R9800 with 128 bit bus. A 9600pro is faster.
August 6, 2004 3:03:29 AM

cool thx

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August 6, 2004 3:03:29 AM

cool thx

\\\//3// 7//3 31337 (0///3 |=0|2 J0/\ 83 |234|)j!!!1