Cant partition hard disk.

hi all,

i now got a strange issue and i fed up with it..anyones help will be thankfull..

i have 5 partitions in my 500 gb hard disk. i just deleted two of the partitions which are seen nearby in disk manager in windows 7..After that i got a 242 gb free space with green color..after that i try to make a simple volume..but it end up with an error as follows..
there is not enough space available on the disks to complete this operation..

anyone please help me..
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  1. Hi

    Normally (MBR) you are allowed upto 4 Primary partitions or upto 3 primary partitions + extended partition containing a number of logical partitions

    [not sure of number of logical partitions probably linked to number of letters C: D: E: then f: to x: (need y: & z: for CD & usb devices)]

    If you have Vista or 7 there is probably a small boot partition of 100MB with no drive letter allocated.
    and or a recovery partition without a drive letter

    without knowing which operating system and seeing description or picture what you have in Disk Management I cannot advise further.


    Mike Barnes
  2. No.. i cant delete that volume..only have new simple volume option...and after following those steps it shows an error "There is not enough space available on the disk(s) to complete this operation"
  3. I found a way using a linux application..Thanks all for your reply..kind of you..
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