Will my PSU be enough?

Okie so I plan on getting a new system very soon, but I'm not sure if my PSU I choose will be enough for this system. I've been reading other forums and what not, and I've read that ppl generally thought 350W PSU is NOT enough, and the safe choice would be a 480W PSU. I'm not 100% sure, but I think 480 kinda overkill. Anyways, here's what I plan to get:

Antec Sonata w/ TruePower 380Watt ATX12V power (12cm fan running)
Intel 3.0E Prescott CPU or Intel 3.2E Prescott CPU
Asus P4P800 Deluxe edition socket 478
Kingston HyperX 1gig Kit (512mbx2)
Radeon 9550 video card

I may add another HD or upgrade the video card later on.
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  1. You should be fine, unless you plan on overclocking.
  2. So it'll be fine even with a vid card upgrade AND HD addition?

    Generally what's the BARE minimum PSU that ppl should be using when building a Prescott system?
  3. You have it! :smile:

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  4. See my system specs, all that on a Antec TruePower 380Watt...
    Now my vid card is much more power hungry and everything is overclocked with 3 HD and 2 opticals.
    Dont know how mucg headroom I got left probly not much.

    Our CPU are probly on par cuz mine is OCed and that Prescott suck a lot of juice...

    Bottom line is you gonna be fine.

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  5. I built my friend's rig in that case with an A64 2800+, radeon 9800pro, 1 gig ram. It's running fine. The hullaballoo about PSU's is because CRAP manufacturers rate their PSU's higher than they will actually go. So people say you need a 480 PSU because you might go buy some ass brand like powmax, and their 480Watt PSU can only really supply 300 watts reliably. Most reputable manufacturers like Fortron Source, Antec, PC Power and Cooling, Thermaltake, Zalman, etc... rate their PSU's for what they can ACTUALLY SUPPLY. My own rig runs a A64 3200, 2 sata hds (1 is a raptor), 2 optical drives, 1 gig corsair PC4000 ram, K8N Neo Platinum, 4 fans, a fan controller, a cold cathode, and an led arrray, and I don't think it even draws 350 watts.

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  6. Okie sorry guys, I'm planning to get another case, Cooler Master Cavalier 3 w/350W PSU.

    Now my question is... will that 30Watts missing from the previous Antec 380Watts be needed?

    BTW does anyone have this case? How does it compare (in terms of how QUIET it is)
  7. Don't be blinded by the wattage, its the amps on the +5v and +3v that matter most for most things. As a general rule, a good power supply from a brand name (like Antec) will be better than a cheap no name, even if the noname has a much higher nominal total output. Thats one reason why you will often find OEM machines (Dell/HP/..) with PSU's that may only be rated 240W or something, yet manage to power Prescott with a high end video card, while a generic no name 300W could perfectly well fail to do so. Either way, the best way to find out is just try it. you can always buy a more powerfull one if it where needed (personally doubt it very much).

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  8. I wish you would change your mind about the processor.
    It may be that an Intel chip is better for you. (I really doubt it though) If that is the case, not only is the northwood P4c a much cooler chip, but in most situations, it outperforms the prescott. Of course neither will ever do 64 bit.
    The only thing that I can think of that would make your psu underpowered, would be to get an nvidia 6800 video card. Of course the next round from Ati will probably require a lot more power as well.
  9. Quote:
    Most reputable manufacturers like Fortron Source

    I've still got to say that I'd never trust Fortron power supplies in my system. People gave them rave reviews because they put out more power than they were rated for when they were tested. Which is true. They usually do.

    What no reviewer covered though is that even under operation within specs when you run the PC regularly for six months Fortron power supplies almost always begin to drop their outputs, going well below their spec, and causing all sorts of hell in your PC.

    I've seen it happen way too many times now. Fortron power supplies just burn themselves out under regular to heavy use. Sure they pass a 48 hour burn-in, but they fail a year later.

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  10. Okie but has anyone had experience with the COOLER MASTER 350W powersupplies?
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