How Do I Print to XP Cabled Printer From Win 7 Wirelessly?

I three wireless laptops two running Windows 7 one Vista, the cable printer is connected to wired Desktop to home router, how to I print to the same printer from wireless laptops
Please help!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  1. Make sure that the printer is on and installed correctly and that the Desktop is on. Right-click on the printer and enable network sharing.

    On your laptops, go to control panel and go through the "add printers" wizard. In the wizard, there is an option to install locally or through a network; select the network option and follow the prompts.

    This works fine as long as the desktop is left on. The only way around having to leave the desktop on is to by a network adapter for your printer.


  2. I'm fairly sure that doesnt work with xp to Win7 printer sharing, I've tried it myself not long ago and couldnt get it to work.
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