Is my P4 shot? need some ideas for a SOYO Dragon 2

3 weeks ago, I noticed my system (which had been running fine for over 5 months) started to get slow. I noticed that my Soyo Dragon 2 (plat. version) main board was no longer shown my CPU correctly. I have a p4, 3.06/533 mhz cpu with hyper threading, now it was showing up as a p4, 4.6mhz cpu, no hyper thread. (no changes in bios, it was reset and flashed 4 times, and I do not over clock)

I believed that my main board was the issue, so I sent it back for repair. I got a different board back, but once I put it back together, it fails to boot (it has the most current bios version and hangs at the CPU id screen)

Has anyone seen anything like this on a SOYO dragon board before? My next step is getting a new CPU to "test" the idea that its the CPU... Anyone have a better idea?

I can set it to default power safe settings and it will not boot at all. I am debating on re-flashing the bios to a lower version to see if it will work...

Ideas are welcome... thanks...
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  1. I have had alot of problems with Soyo in the past.... ALOT. I would try reflashing and if that doesn't work see if you can get a friend to let you borrow their CPU and stick it in and see what happens, thats what I usually do. Helps that I have a friend with a similar rig to me at all times (we upgrade at the same time usually) so if something goes wrong I just take out part by part until the problem is identified.

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