This DRPC guy has spammed for this company for weeks now on tom's forum and tried desperately to make his competition look bad. I have never bought from either, but I may buy from the competitors just out of spite. like the person spamming it is a waste of time. Please don't support DRPC's behavior by going to the site or giving meaningful responses to any of his posts. I thought this was a hardware forum, not an advertising banner. Thank you all.


"Are you saying that I can dodge bullets?"
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  1. Dear Josh!

    My boy!
    Why your title is like this?:"NEVER BUY FROM ANTEC-INC.COM "
    Where,and when I said anti-Antec?

    Antec is good company, but I just not real crezy about thir products.I have nothing to do with Antec.

    You are accussing me for something is not"there". Where is the facts that I said"NEVER BUY FROM ANTEC-INC.COM "?.

    You need a Brain Dr. to check your nerves.

    Thanks to bring this wrong accussation.And, I will wait your prompt reply.You better be good one!

  2. Two things. first I'm saying don't buy from them simply because you said to buy from them and I was tired of your spamming/ buying oppinions.(whatever you want to call them)Every place you throw out there unprevoked, makes me not want to ever go to that site because I can't stand the constant advertising. Second you're right though I should have named it never buy from a site you rave about constantly even though no one asks.

    "Are you saying that I can dodge bullets?"
  3. eh, just leave him be... talking about him makes his posts go up in the ratings:(
    maybe if we ignore the problem it'll dissapear? :smile:
  4. I still need your apology for accussing me to to said"Never buy from ANTEC-INC.COM.". we all make mistake,and if you say it like real man.We move on!. if not,that's o.k too.

    Now, spammnig is like 2 sides of coin.Depend on how you look at it.It can be viewed differently. It's FREE to contribute,or say your opinion of something you like,or dislike. Ultimate discretion will be hands of this local moderators of this forum.If they decided to leave on, then continue,but to ban- I will accept it as long as there are fair reasons for it.There are hundres of forums which are usuless nothing to related pc issue,and "bunch of hitlers" are sitting there to exercise their power to manipulate,and hurt people good intentions to post their messages. I will give a just one example.Here is the link.Take good look ,and let me know.Here is girl" suppose to be that [H]ardforum staff girl(Asia Carrera) who is posting here own" spreading her leg picture like porno star!" Man!~ This is enough of it.Just SHUT-DOWN all.We have boys,and girls who coming to forum,not to see this kind of crabs.They can do whatever they want,and when a little innocent users try to post their small message.They make big issue out of it,and not only that they ban & e-mail to you with nasty offessive message. Where is spamming? forum has their own[H]computer shop and promoting their own products.It's that fair?If this is not spamming,what else can be spamming.

    I did not ask you guys to buy any products,nor said bad words,or any others which are out of context of "Common Sense".

    I simple contribute new products that I found interesting enough,so be it.~Nobody asked you to buy,or try it.You guys haven't seen the real spamming. If we control like"Hitler", there will be another Holocaust. Let's not kill the freedom of speech.

    I did not said anything negative message that can be harmful to this forum ,nor towards any members.Please respect ,and let's contribute best we can.

    Well... thanks for your time.I don't believe of " No spamming".However, I do like helpful info of any kind related to PC.

    Goa ahead to post it! It's your time spending anyway.
  5. DRPC- I NEVER SAID YOU SAID THAT!! I mentioned that you had said the opposite! You said buy from ANTEC-INC.COM and I said do not buy from them simply because you said to buy from them and (which has the least user friendly web site I've ever seen). Read the first post again, have someone near you make since of it for you and then quit this apology stuff. I didn't put words in your mouth, I just said to ignore what you had said, as far as your advertising went. And please get off your Hitler kick- this is the US, no one on this site is anything like Hitler. If anyone is annoyed with what you are saying it's not cause they're nazi's it's because this is a site for hardware, not for advertising hardware. You get the difference? By your rational we could be hammered with constant advertising spam from every user,"oh, buy here" "no buy here" "no buy here"... and then no one would be able to find any real information about the technical side of hardware. That is what this page is for. There are advertising pages for advertising- like pricewatch. This is not an advertising forum. Obviously you don't understand freedom of speech. Just because you can say what ever you want, doesn't mean you should and most americans understand this. WWII is over bud. Been over a long time. I'm sure if you look up paranoia there you would be. No one's oppressing you, we just don't want everyone to start being like you, because then this whole site will go to hell and there will be nothing but advertising b.s. So please let this go, don't post site names to go to. No one wants to read it. Freedom of speech is not the freedom to be a constant annoiance to everyone who comes here for real information. I will not reply further to this post, since you are stubborn and clueless and don't get the point and I feel like I'm wasting my breath. So reply to me what you will, you'll get no argument, but PLEASE- Don't advertise for any on line sites on this forum!!!

    Sorry Kodiak- last one I promise.


    "Are you saying that I can dodge bullets?"
  6. Since this post is at the top I will throw my 2cents in.
    I would love all DRPC post to sink to the bottom but it is kind of fun to read all the flames :)

    DRPC I know u have a tough time with English, so I will try to summarize what JG said.

    GOT IT!!!!!!
  7. I agree with jg38141 on this one. I absolutely HATE spamming, or advertising of any kind. Just someone's bid to try and make lots of money and get rich. I hate that.

    2nd, DRPC, he never said you said that. He said you said something else that you said but you don't think you said but you did say it and thats what he's saying. Confused? Me too.
  8. Well... same. Just I expected.

    Hope Antec People not get upset of your message title!
    Can you write with better plain English? We have no way to know what you are talking about...

    Stop the re-count right here. And, move on!
  9. Hehe, I was joking around on that last post. :p

    its good to bring humor into flaming posts like this
  10. Why do these tossers bother posting, its a good thing that you guys know them and find them out, good work dudes!!
  11. DRPC now goes by the name of Goomphy. Idiot used the same line as when he was using the DRPC name and same ad crap. Some people just arent to bright or original. His new house of spam is in Computer shops. Sick the dogs on him if ya want!
  12. Are u sure?
    I looked as some of his posts and most were just normal posts, no spamming.
    And his English has improved immensely.
    Thx & Cya
  13. It was just the one line, "My repeat business was more important to them than loosing a 20 or so dollars." was used word for word in a post by DRPC and a post by Goomphy. Makes sense for somebody with a user name that is being flamed for being a spammer to switch to a new name. However, I would hope you would be smart enough not use the same damn lines as before!
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