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Lenova laptop lights still on and screen off on shutdown

December 5, 2012 9:49:31 PM

Starting about a week ago, my lenova v570 laptop started acting weird.
When i shut down the computer the screen turns off, but the lights and fans are still running, i have left it for several minutes and nothing happens. i end up holding the power button for about 10 seconds to turn it off. And when i do turn the computer back on a notepad opens up named "debug" containing a very long message starting with "[1204/] Corrupt Index file[1204/]"

This has been happening for the past several days now and i have come to worry a lot about the situation. I am not much of a computer.. anything! So i have no no idea what i should be doing or what i can do from now on.

Is there anyone who can help me with this situation?