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Hi guys, I have done a lot of research on gaming monitors as I want to buy a 23-24" LCD 1920x1080 monitor strictly for PS3 purposes and possibly for PC gaming in the future but mainly for my PS3 playing CoD. I have put together a shortlist and I would like to know what the best monitor for console gaming. All these monitors have low response time, sub 3ms, but I am not sure on the input lag times for the monitors. The monitors are:

Acer GD245HQ - £224.85

ASUS VG236h - £229.00

ASUS VW246h - £201.54

LG W2363D - £156.00

Alienware AW2310 - £399.99

So what are your opinions? Thanks in advance!
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  1. at sub 3ms response times they are most likely all TN panels. (i didnt actually check any of their specs that is your job to look)

    i don't see all the hype about having a 1-2, 3,5,6 whatever response time monitor as at 60hz i've yet to see any actual improvement. my older (albiet high end) 16ms monitor never ghosted at all (due to input lag or response time).

    if you want to stay to the cheaper end i'd go with a VA or E-IPS panel instead as they have some nicer features. I myself always go P/H/S-IPS since i want the best of the best but that is probably out of your price range.

    since you are connecting to a ps3 make absolutely sure that the monitor is HDCP compliant or you have a high chance of the display not working with your ps3 (blank screen or no input found type errors).
  2. You can read my review of the Asus VK246H in the following thread.

    It is the same monitor as the Asus VW246H, but has a built-in webcam.
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