Emachines pc forgot password

how do I get into computer without password
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  1. you will get no password help on these forums (rules). No way to verify you are the owner.
  2. Sorry, but on the toms hardware forums we do not provide help with forgotten passwords, as we have no way of knowing whether you actually own the computer you are trying to unlock. If it is stolen, it is unlikely that you will be able to get into it. I would suggest going to the person's home late at night and leaving it on their porch with a note of apology taped to it. Make sure to wipe all your prints first and maybe leave a $5 bill for the person's troubles. If the machine is yours, my condolences. You can wipe the machine if that does you any good, but you will have to reinstall windows afterwards and you will lose any data that you stored on the machine. You will also have ended up spending more on a new copy of windows that an E-Machine will resale for, so it's not worth doing that if the machine is stolen. Seriously, you may as well return it if it is, and in the future don't steal computers.
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