I need help booting windows 7

My windows 7 Ultimate went blue screen of death for no reason and I dont know why. When I try to reboot I get the splash screen windows logo thingy and then the repair disk option. I used to always have the option of booting to safe mode but that option is not there. THe only option is to attempt repair which Ive tried to let it do but it still gets blue screen of death when rebooting afterward. I think this happened right after I tried to install a shareware program I had downloaded. I wanted to boot to safe mode so I could uninstall the suspect program but no safe mode boot option. Fortunately I had my hard drive partitioned with Vista on the second partition so I am currently running from the Vista partition. Any hope of recovery or should I just bite the bullet and reinstall windows 7 on the other partition?

Thank you for suggestions.
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  1. Windows is and always will be a pain the arse. Bite the bullet and reinstall Windows 7, get rid of Vista and Install Ubuntu/Linux on the second partition.

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  2. Thanks zalittle. Anybody else care to chime in?
  3. What is the error you're getting? You might be able to run chkdsk from Vista on the Win 7 partition and get up and running that way.
  4. how do I get chkdsk to run on the windows 7 partition?
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