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I just got an Athlon XP-M 2500+ and I'm having some difficulty with it's settings. I'm using an Asus A7N8X (r1.04 BIOS 1007) motherboard. The CPU isn't quite being detected correctly. Using CPU-Z, under Specification it says "Unknown CPU Typ". The motherboard orginally set the CPU to 100FSB x8. From what I've found, the multiplier should be set to 11, but that requires a 166FSB. The XP-M Bartons should be 133FSB though. I now have it set to 166FSB x11, which gives it the 1.833Ghz clock a 2500+ should have, but the voltage autosets to 1.6V. Again, it seems an inconsistence since the XP-M should be running at 1.45V. Does anyone have any comments or ideas about these inconsistencies? Good news is everything is running fine for now. Thanks all.
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  1. I've heard of issues with the asus board and mobile, and i haven't found a solution myself, the correct CPU settings should be 14x133. Just try that and see if it posts, it should run at those speeds at minimum vcore allowed by board.

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  2. I think that would work, but I guess the board doesn't have a true 14x option. It lists the following:


    The bios will autoselect the 14x, but the resulting speed is 800Mhz (6x133). What is with the wierd mutliplier listing?
  3. same thing happened to me

    its because teh CPU isnt technically made for desktop computers. i have windows xp, and even tho its shown up as a "Unknown Cpu Typ", theres still the correct AthlonXP driver loaded

    youll have to go into the bios to set it up.. but thas what Mobiles are all about ! :D

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  4. 1.60v is nice! The XP-M has a different voltage detection pin arrangement than the desktop XP, most desktop boards don't know that. And 1.60v should be able to get you a nice overclock! I'd start out at 200x11 and go up from there!

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